Dearest friends,

It’s hard to believe that it has already been 10months since we waved goodbye from our wedding car! Marriage is such a gift, and life since has been quite the adventure!

Predictably, our time in Christchurch began rather shakily.  After much time, and prayer we managed to find a cute little cottage house. We looked at over 30 houses before finding it! With many houses destroyed through quake damage, it was much more difficult to find something safe and affordable than we had expected. We were thankful to find it!

Matt settled into his study right away, and I started doing some writing while also continuing to recover and have more medical tests and treatment. We found a wonderful church, that we absolutely loved, which really built into our beginning months of marriage.

Matt stayed VERY busy with grad-school, but we still managed to make time to enjoy lots of community events and the outdoors. We had fun celebrating our anniversary on the 4th of every month, and, on a meagre budget, managed to get to Lewis pass, Arthurs pass, Mt Cook and lots of other beautiful places in the South Island. New Zealand is gorgeous! Everywhere you look, there is something else to  “ooo & aah” at!

Matt did exceptionally well at grad-school and finished right on time. After staying in ChCh a little after his graduation, AND experiencing our first snow, he got a job in Coromandel….

So….we packed up the car and off we went!  Although we loved our stay in ChCh, when the time came, we were ready to leave. What with the cold descending in upon us, and earthquakes visiting us every couple of days or so, it was getting a little tiring.

The road trip up was a LOT of fun. Highlights being a visit to a seal pup colony, and following hundreds of dolphins on the inter-island ferry crossing.

Suddenly, we found ourselves in the North Island. This meant being closer to family! Hurray!

Coromandel is gorgeous. We have been so fortunate to have a lovely little home with a sea view and have loved all the outdoor adventures that Coro has an abundance of. Matt has settled in well to his new job teaching yr. 7. They LOVE him! Who wouldn’t though? I continue with my writing and gradual recovery.

Now…we are about to embark on another adventure and are heading across the seas to visit my home in Tanzania for the holidays. SO exciting!  We can’t wait to spend Christmas with my parents and have a wedding celebration with TZ friends.

We thank God for his faithfulness to us through this year and pray a blessing on your lives. We hope that you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a WONDERFUL holiday season!

Much love to you all,

Matt & Kirsty


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